AC Elevator Industries

Adams Elevator Equipment Company

Adams Elevator Equipment Company

AFD Industries, Inc.

All-Ways Elevator, Inc.

Allan McConnach
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Alliance Elevator Solutions

Allstar Elevator & Escalator Insp. Agency, Inc.

Allstate/The Rob Merlo Agency

American Elevator and Machine Corp.

Archi-Tread, Inc.

Automatisation JRT Inc.


B P Elevator Company

Baltic Elevator Company, Inc.

Benfield Electric Supply Company, Inc.

Beta Control LLC

BOCA Group International

Brookfield Financial Prop.

Brugg Lifting

Building Supply & Installation Services, LLC (BSIS)

C & C Elevator Consultants, Inc.

C & C Elevator Consultants, Inc.

C.E. Electronics, Inc.

Cab-Tech Elevator Designs, LLC

Canton Elevator, Inc.

Canton Elevator, Inc.

Casper Elevator Cleaning

CBA Consultants

CBA Consultants

CEC Elevator Cab Corp.

Centennial Elevator Industries, Inc.

Century Elevator Maintenance Corporation

Century Vertical Systems

Certified Elevator & Escalator Products

Champion Elevator Corp

Christian Correa
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Claddagh Electronics Ltd.

Columbia Elevator Products Co., Inc.

Concept Elevator Group, LLC

Consolidated Elevator

Courion Industries

Custom Elevator Mfg. Co. Inc.

D & D Elevator Maintenance, Inc.

D & D Elevator Maintenance, Inc.

David Weber Oil Company, Inc.

Day Elevator & Lift

Delaware Elevator Inc.

Delaware Elevator Inc.

Diversified Elevator Products LLC

Draka Elevator Products, Inc.

DTM Inc.

Dunwell Elevator Electrical Industries, Inc.

Dupont Metal Manufacturer

Eagle Elevator Inc.

East Coast Automation

Economy Elevator/E3TEch

ECS Corporation

EHC Canada

Electrical Motor Repair Co.

Electrodyn Systems, Ltd.

Electrodyn Systems, Ltd.

Elevate, Inc.

Elevator Controls Corporation

Elevator Doors Inc. - EDI/ECI

Elevator Emergency Light Store

Elevator Escalator Safety Foundation

Elevator Interior Design - 2017 New Member

Elevator Motors/Materials Corporation

Elevator Parts Specialist, Inc.

Elevator Products Corporation

Elevator Safety Company (ELSCO)

Elevator Systems Inc.

Elevator World

Elite Elevator Cab Remodeling, Inc.

ELTECH Industries, Inc.

EMS Group Inc.

ES Controls, LLC

Excel Elevator & Escalator Corp

Excelsior Elevator


Fit Pit

Foremost Call Center

Formula Systems North America, Inc.

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Full Capacity LLC

G. A. L. Manufacturing Corp.

GCF - Kaman

GCF - Kaman

GCF - Kaman

Genco Elevator Inc.

George D. Cattabiani & Assoc. Inc.

George Johnson

Gillespie Corporation

Global-Tardif Elevator Manufacturing Inc.

Gorman Company Inc.

Gotham Elevator Inspection Inc.

Guillermo Fabian USA, Inc.

Handi-Lift Inc.

Hidral USA, Inc

Hubert H. Hayes, Inc.

Hudson Elevator Group

Imperial Electric A Kinetek Co.

Inner City Elevator Corp.

Innovation Industries, Inc.

Innovation Industries, Inc.

Innovative Elevator Inc.

Innovative Pro Pads

Inpro Corp - Ascend Division

Integrated Display Systems, Inc.

ITI Hydraulik USA

Jam Electrical Corp

JM Associates/Burnham & Co.

Joseph Neto & Associates, Inc.

K-Tech International Inc.

KEB America, Inc.

Kencor, Inc.

Kone Elevator Co.

Kone Elevator Company

Kone Spares

Kone, Inc.

Kone, Inc.

L.C.D. Elevator Repair, Inc.

L.C.D. Elevator Repair, Inc.

Laird Plastics - New Member 2017

Lawrence Kiefhaber

LEC Consulting & Inspection Group, Inc.

Liberty Elevator Co., Inc.

Liberty Elevator Corporation

Lift Solutions, Inc.

Lift-Tech LTD - New Member 2017

MAD Elevator Fixtures Inc.

Magnetek, Inc.

Magnetek, Inc.

Main Elevator Consulting, Inc.

Man-D-Tec, Inc.

Martin Walsh Jr.

Master Elevator Products, Inc

Maxton Manfacturing Company

MCE, Inc. - Motion Control

McGlynn Hays & Co., Inc.

McIntosh Industries - New Member 2017

MEI Elevator, Inc.

Mercury Elevator
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Midtown Electric Supply Corp

Midtown Elevator

Mobility Elevator & Lift Co.

Mongrain Vertical Transport Inc.

Monitor Elevator Products

Morgan Elevator

Murray and Sena, LLC

National Assoc of Elev Contractors

National Elevator Cab & Door

New York City Dept Buildings

New York Tech Industries

Nicholas J Stanton
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North Side Power Transmission Corp - Frank Tracy Division
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Northeast Lock Corp.

Nouveau Elevator Industries, Inc.

NY Elevator Consultants

Omega Industries

On The Level Elevator & Escalator LLL

Otis Elevator

Otis Elevator

Otis Elevator Co.

Otis Elevator Co.

Palmer Pads

Palmer Pads

Park Avenue Elevator Designs

Park Avenue Elevator Designs

Peelle Company

Perlen Steel Corp.

Perlen Steel Corp.

PESO Elevator Services, LLC

PM Engineering, PLLC

Precision Elevator Company

Precision Escalator Products, Inc.

Pride & Service Elevator

PS Marcato Elevator Co.

PTL Equipment

Qameleon Technology

Rath Microtech

Reynolds & Reynolds Electronics, Inc.

Richmond Elevator Co. Inc.

Rimrock Corporation

Ring Communications Inc.

Rotavele Elevator Inc.

Schmit Machine Inc.

Schumacher Elevator Company

SCS Elevator Products Inc.


SEES, Inc. (FL) - New Member 2017

Sematic USA, a Wittur Company - New Member 2017

Sierra Consulting Group, Inc.

Site Service Software, Inc.

SiteCompli, LLC

Slade Industries, Inc

Smart Elevator Tech, LLC

Smartork Inc.

Smartrise Engineering, Inc.

Solid State Elevator Corporation

Spano Fastening System

Start Elevator Inc.

TEI Group

TessT, LLC

Texacone Co., Inc.

The Elevator Inspection & Testing Company

ThyssenKrupp Elevator NYC

ThyssenKrupp Elevator NYC

ThyssenKrupp Elevator NYC

ThyssenKrupp Elevator Westchester

Titan Machine Corporation

Torin Drive International

Tower Elevator Consultanting and Testing

Triboro Elevator Consultants LLC

Trico Manufacturing Corp.

Underwriters Laboratories (UL)

Unitec Elevator

Unitec Elevator

Unitec Parts Company

United Drilling, Inc.

United Elevator Cabs, Inc.

United Elevator Consultants, Inc.

Universal Elevator Inc.

USA Hoist Company Inc.

UT Elevator, Inc.

Van Deusen & Assoc.

Vator Accessories, Inc.

Vertical Express

Vertical Maintenance & Repair, Inc.

Vertical Transportation Excellence

Vertitron Midwest Inc.

Vertran Technologies Inc.

Victavlic Company

Villa Barone Manor

Virginia Controls

Westech Elevator Services, Inc.

William G Warr

Wirerope Works, Inc.

Wurtec, Inc.